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AI for Sales and Marketing Webinars 

ChatGPT for Growth: Jumpstart Your Sales and Marketing Engine


 Upcoming Webinar

Build a Hyper Targeted Email Campaign- With Clay and Smartlead AI - August 7th 12-1Pm Eastern

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​Join us for an interactive session where we will walk you through building a Hyper Targeted Email Campaign using the latest AI tools for Sales and Marketing.

Registration is limited for this free webinar

Our Webinars

We have delivered webinars and workshops on a diverse range of topics to a wide range of industries. We will custom tailor our webinar for your organization. Focusing on tools and examples that will help your business. We aim to get you comfortable with AI and get you and your team up to date on the latest tools and platforms being used by sales and marketing professionals today.

Kickstarting Your AI Journey

Quick overview of AI's role in sales and marketing Identifying tasks AI can streamline in your business

AI Tools for Outreach

Using AI to create tailored emails and sales scripts Practical session: Crafting messages for different customer personas

Building AI-Enhanced Communication

Enhancing web copy and marketing materials with AIHands-on workshop: Writing and refining AI-generated content

AI-Driven Content Creation for Business

Explore tools and platforms you can use to help you automate your sales and marketing activities. 


Stop reading about ChatGpt and start using it  with this hands-on course designed to demystify AI and ChatGPT for your sales and or marketing teams.

This program offers an introduction to the world of AI tools, guiding you through the basics of ChatGPT and how to leverage AI to boost your sales and marketing efforts. 

We go beyond theory, diving into real-world examples from your industry to illustrate how AI can address your unique challenges.

As we navigate through this practical session, you'll discover how to harness AI to craft targeted sales strategies, create compelling marketing, and enhance customer engagement.

By the end of this course, you'll not only be familiar with AI capabilities but also equipped with industry-specific insights to elevate your sales and marketing efforts effectively. Get ready to unlock the potential of AI and take your business to new heights!

We've delivered this webinar to hundreds of attendees and the feedback and demand has been so great it made sense to offer the course to bigger teams.


Upcoming Webinars


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Solopreneur or Small Business Owner? Sign up for a free webinar hosted by Yes Montreal

This workshop will be a deeper dive than our webinars so its perfect for anyone who is just starting out building their online presence on linked in.

We are going to cover the basics of Profile Optimization and run through a few best practices when it comes to your profile.

We will explore some networking strategies and take  a look at the limits for basic accounts and paid accounts when it comes to connections and messaging.

Understand how content creation can help grow your reach and expand your audience organically and how to leverage Linked In’s Advertising features to boost that reach.

Finally we will look at some of the lead generation techniques you can use on Linked In through their paid advertising or through some good old fashioned elbow grease.

If you are interested in attending be sure to reserve your spot here. 

If you want to learn more about the workshop and see what other events are on the Yes Calendar find the link here


Check out some of our past webinars

Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your sales and marketing strategies with one of our upcoming Learn@Lunch webinars or workshops. These engaging sessions offer insights into AI-driven content creation, customer support optimization, and lead nurturing.

We have delivered two sold out webinars last year and a workshop in January that received great feedback. 

We have another workshop available in June for those who couldn't register for our first one.

These sessions are not only intended for Yes' members but are also open to the wider public.

If you're considering private webinars tailored for your company, this is a perfect opportunity to see the value these webinars can bring to your team

Stay Tuned for links to our next event 

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"I would love a webinar on all the topics covered on Pro's slide""

"Have to go, thanks for the great meeting!"

"Thank you!, learned a lot today"

In this free learn@lunch, you will get: 1. A quick overview of ChatGPT and AI Language Models: High-Level overview of ChatGPT and how AI language models function. 2. Explore capabilities and limitations: Learn about the strengths and limitations of AI language models, enabling you to make informed decisions about their implementation in your business. Discover the boundaries of what they can currently achieve and explore potential future advancements. 3. An overview of My App: Discover how I started utilizing ChatGPT and how it paved the way for the development of an application I built for my clients and myself. Run some demos with real-world companies from the webinar. 4. Live demo of the ChatGPT Playground: Immerse yourself in a live demonstration of the ChatGPT Playground. Witness the backend tweaks that can be made for prompts, uncovering the potential for customization, and fine-tuning to align the model with your specific needs. After this webinar, you will have a better understanding of what ChatGPT is and how you can use it to help you expand your business. Guest speaker: Peter Sabapathy | Senior Consultant- Cloud- Productivity- Application Development – Security Growth Hacker


Peter Sabapathy | Senior Consultant-Growth Hacker- Cloud- Productivity- Application Development – Security

With over 15 years of expertise in sales and marketing, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge in creating and implementing effective sales strategies.  His proficiency in software sales and business development is matched by his commitment to fostering strong client relationships and delivering tailored solutions.  At this workshop, Peter will share his insights on leveraging AI to create compelling marketing content and strategies that resonate in today's competitive digital world.  His practical, results-oriented approach will provide attendees with valuable skills and strategies to enhance their online presence and marketing effectiveness​​​.

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