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Increase your response rates

Easily craft personalized messaging with our AI-driven ICP Profiler Service.

Introductory Offer 

We combine our lead enrichment pipeline with a custom GPT agents to find targets aligned with your product and service offerings.

More than just leads, we can  provide multiple contact points, online research and a custom engagement strategy for each and every profile.

Abstract Background

We use custom GPT agents which we unleash on our database. This approach creates Ideal Customer Profiles that accurately reflect your company's offerings and strategic goals, ensuring relevant product and service recommendations.

Tailored Ideal Customer Profiles are generated through our pipeline, which looks for buying signals. This process is designed to align with their company's services and recent initiatives, providing clear guidance on which offerings to lead with when doing your outreach.

Strategic Product Positioning

Stop chasing leads that don't line up with your Ideal Client Profiles

Time Efficiency

The service saves sales teams countless hours by eliminating the need for manual research and prospecting, allowing them to focus on engagement.

Consistency in Quality

Leveraging our custom GPT Agents trained on your materials ensures a consistent understanding of your brand voice and value proposition.

Competitive Edge

Access to tailored insights gives your team an advantage over competitors using generic sales tactics.


Every ICP is unique, meticulously tailored to align with your business's services, goals, and the specific nuances of your industry.

Relevance and Currency

The ICPs are updated to reflect current news and your target’s latest business initiatives, ensuring your sales strategies remain relevant.

Increased Conversion Rates

With profiles that align closely with your ideal customer, sales efforts are more targeted, leading to higher conversion rates.

Enhanced Sales Training

New team members can quickly come up to speed on the most effective sales angles and value propositions for your different products and services.

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How It Works

Learn about your business

We spend time working with you to  learn about the products and services you want to focus on. We use this to train our custom agents and to find targets.

Building the ICP's

We run the targets we find through our pipeline and research any news and information on the targets that could align with your products or services.

Build your targets

Identify the companies and individuals you would like to target. Build out lists using our tools and 3rd party platform integrations.

Finding Alignments

We then provide you with multiple engagement channels and can even craft introduction lines and entire messages for you.

Abstract Sphere

Ditch all the tools and platforms

At Bane  we offer AI consulting services and tools that are designed to help businesses increase their sales numbers. We employ the latest technology, using over half a dozen tools and platforms to create our prospect lists.  We then build a comprehensive profile of your target incorporating  online news and information. We take this information to create a holistic view of your targets. Eliminate the countless hours your team spends researching leads and let them focus on closing deals. 

The Results for Our Clients

Ideal Client Profiles

Targeted leads with contact details and so much more. Build out an engagement plan or sequence and focus on the right products or services to lead with.

Value Offer

Start developing value offers that resonate with your targets and show them you understand their pain points. Lead with those offers and stop spamming their inbox with generic messaging.

"They are really on to something here, we have tried all the lead gen services that promise qualified leads but we sell a complex solution so they usually fall flat. This allows us to arm our reps with hard data and relevant details and offers them suggestions on how to engage with each prospect in a meaningful way." - Joey C

“We often work on complex projects that typically involve many stakeholders from the company. As our projects are often very unique and tailored to address the challenges our clients face across many departments. It can make doing any sort of outreach challenging" - Jeff C

Plans and Promotions

Jumpstart your sales with a fully managed and automated campaign

Best Value

ICP Fully Managed Email Campaign



Every month

We build a hyper targeted list and run that through an Email Campaign

Valid until canceled

Develop your ICP

Build out your target list and enrich with contacts and buyi

100 Targets contacted every week

Smartlead AI Email Campaign incl.

Meet Bi-Weekly to review results and fine tune campaign

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