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How to better personalize your outbound messaging and still scale effectively

Personalizing your outbound messaging while still managing to scale effectively might seem like a fantasy to some.

Indeed, striking a balance between reaching out at scale and maintaining a personal touch is challenging, but the rewards can be significant.

I always advocate for putting theory into practice and set out to prove to my clients that such a balance is achievable, albeit with some extra effort.

Recently, I've been experimenting with messaging for a new service I'm rolling out, confident in its demand. The main challenge was identifying the right targets and positioning my solution in front of them, a common hurdle I believe many of you face.

The process began with thorough research on LinkedIn, utilizing tools provided by Sales Navigator to identify companies in the tech sector that align with my past experiences and expertise. The service I'm introducing is designed to provide a continuous stream of Ideal Client Profiles tailored to your products and services. I've grown weary of the all-too-common offers of lead lists that amount to little more than contact cards or scraped emails, seeing little value in them. To address this, I developed comprehensive Ideal Client Profiles using my Salesbot App, alongside custom GPTs and Data Pipelines.

Initially, I tested a somewhat generic message tailored to each company but essentially replicable. This approach allowed for easy scaling over two days, but at the expense of my results. My response rate was around 6%, which, while higher than average for standard outreach, did not meet my expectations. However, the positive feedback I received was encouraging, confirming that the service resonated with the companies I targeted. Yet, the high rate of non-responses left me questioning whether the service was not a fit or simply not needed.

It occurred to me that many of these companies might already possess effective marketing engines generating a steady lead flow. In such cases, my offering could pivot towards delivering more insights into the accounts and helping align their services with client needs and recent initiatives. To do this, I added a qualifier to better identify accounts that could benefit from my service. This might seem straightforward, but many companies initially shy away from this approach, fearing it might limit their appeal.

From experience, I've learned the importance of not pushing tech products or services that a client isn't keen on implementing or fully committed to. This can lead to unsatisfactory experiences for both users and providers. But that is a whole other Blog post on its own.

Since we offer a wide range of sales and marketing services, my goal is to remain engaged with potential clients without resorting to aggressive sales tactics for products that might not be the right fit.

If you would like to dive a little deeper into the process here just shoot me an email and I am happy to answer any questions.

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