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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Lately, I've been wrestling with the complexities of taking my own solution to market and it made me appreciate what my clients often struggle with. The Misconception: "Build It, and They Will Come" 🏗️

Many organizations think their main hurdle is just getting in front of the right clients. They often believe that their stellar solution will automatically sell itself once showcased. But here's the twist: plenty of your ideal prospects aren’t ready to buy, even if they need what you’re selling. Timing is Everything ⌛

Being too eager to close a deal can backfire. Onboarding a client who's not ready is a one-way ticket to disappointment for everyone involved. The real challenge? Staying relevant and engaging prospects at the opportune moment. ⌚

Tools and Takeaways 🛠️ If you've got a steady flow of leads but they aren't converting, you've got work to do. Whether it's a high-performing landing page or effective nurturing tools, something’s missing. 🧰

Adapt to Survive 🔄 The buying landscape has evolved. If you're not pivoting your approach to meet today's buyer behaviours, you're falling behind. 🌍

So, take a moment. Envision a constant stream of potential clients. If they're not buying right away, where do you want them to go? What's your Plan B? 🗺️

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Lead Gen Infographic

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