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Setting new reps up to fail

Updated: Mar 9

Hiring for a sales role when you are a software developer or provide technical service offering can be challenging.

Finding someone who understands what you do or how your solution works isn’t always easy, and the demand is high for sales reps who have these skill sets.

When you do find that unicorn of a rep, the last thing you want to do is set them up to fail but a lot of companies see a high churn of sales reps.

New reps who spend months working with your company without having booked a single meeting wind up moving on or being let go even though this typically isn’t the fault of the rep.

A lot of companies are looking to a sales rep to fix a marketing problem.

If your new reps don’t have anyone to talk to that is a marketing issue.

Finding clients to engage with should fall on marketing but at a lot of small businesses, sales and marketing tend to blend together. There is no real distinction between the two but that inevitably leads to more responsibilities being shifted to sales.

Its understandable given everything they have on their plate and most likely one of the reasons they are looking to bring on a sales rep.

Unfortunately, most reps aren’t equipped to handle both sides of that coin, not without some help while ramping up.

Starting a new sales role for a solution or product you are not familiar with can be challenging but trying to create social media content for a new company while also ramping up on products and procedures leaves little to no time for actual prospecting or speaking with clients.

Now lets add on to that all the tools and platforms they need to be experts on to do their jobs and It is understandable why so many reps aren’t able to hit quota lately.

I do think small business’s have more options now than they ever did and some of the apps and platforms available now make finding work for smaller marketing jobs a no brainer.

As a small business owner you don’t really have any excuses as to why you can’t have some decent marketing collateral on hand for your reps to use.

There is no shortage of companies offering to help with your Social Media posts along with no shortage of AI tools for content.

With ChatGPT Plus’s new features and it’s Dall- E integration. Creating content has never been easier.

I do strongly advocate against using AI tools to Automate your content however.

AI can be a fantastic tool to augment your content but AI Spam content is increasing making readers wary.

I usually use AI to clean up my posts but I really don’t like the content its been generating on its own over the past few weeks.

I will be posting in separate on this subject but recently both LinkedIN and Google have changed their algorithms to keep relevant and informative content higher in rankings and will keep the content around longer in the case of LinkedIn.

This great news if you actually make an effort to post real content.

But all this to say, if you are a small businessowner or start-up and you are bringing on a sales role to help you connect and engage with more prospects.

Set them to succeed by giving them the support they need and not just a bunch of tools and platforms to use.

That’s actually one of the reasons we started our ICP Profiler service, and if you are hiring for sales but don’t have a steady inbound marketing engine set up, I think our service would help fill that gap.

Not only do we provide a steady stream of leads that include contact details and company information, we also help to align the products and or services you offer with the prospect.

We can even suggest which case studies and marketing materials they should leverage when engaging the prospect.

We would love to give you a quick walkthrough on how it works or send you over a sample profile if you're interested in learning more.

The feedback has been great so far.


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