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The IT Department; The good the bad and the ugly

Throughout my experience working with many Microsoft Partners and IT service providers, I've noticed that smaller organizations often struggle to find reliable and affordable IT support.

As a company transitions from managing its own IT to requiring full-time IT staff, and eventually, an entire team, there is significant potential for issues to arise. This can lead to falling into some of the typical pitfalls associated with IT departments.

Recognizing the prevalence of these issues, it is understandable why a growing number of organizations are opting for managed service providers (MSPs).

However, for smaller companies with fewer than 50 users/workstations, the decision to use an MSP may not be as straightforward.

Conducting a cost-benefit analysis can be challenging, and it may be difficult to find a provider willing to offer services at a price that aligns with the organization's needs and budget.

This is a bit of a humorous look at some of the more common IT Department tropes out there. I have worked with more than a few of these and I am sure some of you have as well.

Meet Th IT
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