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To SEO or Not to SEO

I just had a back and forth last weekend with an SEO specialist and he has been pitching me for a few days now on how he can help me get more leads and conversions without having to pay for advertising or do any social media post etc.

So I asked him to send me over his site as he was offering me a lot of free critiques on mine.

He started off by giving me excuses as to why the site was not finished and why he has no stats to show me on his page.

Then he went on to explain why trying to rank for SEO as a small business is not worth it when competing with bigger firms with big budgets specifically set aside for SEO

This was kind of ironic considering what he had been telling me.

I guess that goes back to my original concern about SEO and how valuable it is for smaller companies starting out?

So I thought I would ask some SEO communities what their response to that question would be.

The results were pretty eye opening. See the slider below

The vast majority of them did not focus on SEO for their own business and the reasons were varied but they were all the same objections I am sure of a lot of us share.

The post actually blew up and you can see the stats in our blog post

I wanted to share some of the feedback and my thoughts on some of the responses I received.

The most common response I got was that it was a lot more effective for them to focus on other strategies such as content marketing and networking to find clients.

This is actually very encouraging as I think content marketing and posting relevant and thoughtful content will go a lot further to driving traffic and leads to your business.

Now how your website performs once a visitor gets there is something that I think a lot of companies need to focus more time on.

Funny enough I stumbled across another post offering free analysis using an AI tool so I ran it

You can see the report at the link below but you can see some of the suggestions and observations here.

The content and conversions section is something that I will address immediately because I feel that is an investment that will lead to immediate results and will help with all of my efforts.

These are things that I will address immediately as I believe it will have the best ROI

See the full report here and request your own.

Reddit Post is here

For now we will be doubling down on our Social Media and will be investing more into design and content.


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