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Using custom GPT's for Sales and Marketing

Updated: Jan 10

Here’s a quick video 🎥 on how I use custom GPTs when working with my clients.

Setting this up isn’t all that difficult, but there are, several limitations when compared to building out a private application or query pipeline over your data. They cannot retain or store information the same way or reference data as extensively.

There's also a cost to consider, as you will need a ChatGPT Plus subscription, preferably the new Teams Plan that allows for sharing applications with better control over privacy.

Reach out 📲 to learn more about these new plans.

When building custom GPTs for sales and marketing , I only use publicly facing materials like marketing material, web pages, and brochures.

For building query GPTs for private data, we can use any and all data we have available. Of course, it’s always best to limit the data to what is relevant to the queries to cut down on time and costs.

This GPT is trained on Bane’s services to help demonstrate the functionality and some sample use cases. But bear in mind, it’s not as deeply trained as the custom GPTs I build for clients.

To initially train it, I uploaded some case studies and my LinkedIn profile, and then fed it some web pages.

Funny enough, the way the custom GPTs work doesn’t allow them to retain information from webpages and online content. 🤔

They can use them in conversations and for creating content or working with your custom GPT. However, if you wanted to reference these pages again after closing that conversation, you would need to upload the pages again.

Since they are only able to be retained in current conversations, it does limit how much we can use them for training. However, we can keep conversations in our history and go back to them.

Bear in mind, you will still be under the limitations of the model and its ability to retain conversation tokens.

This is another reason why I prefer using custom applications and private data GPTs, where you can define a lot of these constraints or work around them. 🚀

To learn more, please reach out to book a quick call 📞 or sign up for the next webinar or workshop we host.


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