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Game of Inches: Cold Calling and Nurture

I usually shy away from sports analogies, but this one was just too good to pass up. 🏈

I think recently, sales professionals have learned how important is to keep track of the small victories—those incremental gains that collectively lead to a win. 🎖

If we look at a football game: success isn't just about the occasional long pass or the dramatic Hail Mary.

Most plays involve short gains of a few yards at a time with one goal always in mind. Keep moving the chains forward. Which basically means always make sure that each piece of content or interaction however small, keeps your deals moving closer to a successful resolution.

Not every call or social media post will be a win but they should always keep the chains moving forward or the plays moving down the field and closer to the goal line.

A common misstep for many companies is to hyper-focus on initial engagements, quickly categorizing them as wins or losses before moving on.

This perspective overlooks the nuanced and often prolonged process of nurturing leads. Emphasizing the nurture phase is like investing in a ground game; it's about consistent, reliable advancement rather than sporadic leaps.

Much like the synergy between quarterbacks and their coaches, effective collaboration between sales and marketing teams is essential. This partnership keeps prospects actively engaged throughout their buying journey, enhancing the chances of conversion and nurturing a community of involved buyers. Recognizing this shifts our focus from constantly seeking new leads to growing a strong, engaged customer base and maximizing the value of each and every engagement.

So, why the football analogy? Just as a team might rely on a Hail Mary pass for a spectacular but unpredictable win, cold calls and emails can sometimes score big.

However, for consistent, reliable progress, the short game—those regular, strategic moves—is where the real progress happens. It might not be as dramatic, but it's the consistent, steady plays that drive a team down the field towards the touchdown.

In embracing this mindset, the sales field becomes less about chasing and more about building, less about random leaps and more about strategic, inch-by-inch progression. Just as in football, the key to winning in sales is in understanding the game of inches.


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