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Leveraging AI Agents to target better leads for your Web Design Company

Updated: 1 day ago

Are you a web designer or graphic artist with a large prospect pool but no idea where or how to get started?

You might appreciate this post if you are looking for new ways to connect with your ICP’s.

Last week I met with a web developer who was looking to scale his outreach efforts.

He was using an SDR to research companies online that looked like they had outdated websites or had not updated their sites in a few years.

The SDR would target the accounts with a few emails templates and then send over any that responded to the owner to book a meeting.

From there the owner took over and engaged with the prospect directly. He had a good offer in market which is crucial, and this process was converting about one new deal a month.

The deals were worth about 3k each so the ROI was OK but trying to scale this workflow had proven difficult so they were looking for some guidance on this.

The problem with finding a Rockstar SDR or BDR is that scaling their work is impossible.

So we need to look at how we can leverage AI help with this.

I wanted to take a stab at automating this workflow and improving conversion metrics at every stage with the help of AI and Clay.

The first thing we do is start with an existing account from his case studies or website.

We used an event service company that was a listed case study.

We pump that into Clay to find lookalike companies.

To keep this manageable we narrow down the geography and refine on the size of the company by employee count and revenue.

Now that we have a good starting ICP we can look at finding the accounts we would like to target first by using the lookalikes and then refining the list we get with Clay and enrichments.

This is truly why I love Clay.

Everyday we get new integrations we can use to create new workflows for clients.

Using a quick AI Agent we built to visit the company website and then analyse it for us, we are able to get a quick summary along with some suggestions we can use when deciding whether the account is worth engaging and to use to break the ice by offering something of value for free.

A few weeks ago I was using an AI tool that analysed websites and game you a quick summary.

It was pretty cool but when ChatGPT rolled out their new model. It actually gave us a lot of the functionality but now I could integrate that into my workflow with clay and use it to quickly Analyse the homepage and give us back the information we need.

We can of course refine this prompt as we wish but for the sake of my example. It worked great and wasn't breaking the bank on API Calls.

Using this agent we were able to pull an analysis and link it to the contact in our table.

Here's an example.

Now that we have our analysis we can also build out a quick ranking system based on the results.

This can help us identify which leads to target first and which may not be worth our time.

This will help us scale this campaign while maintaining a higher engagement rate.

For the purpose of our example, we did not need to classify them as our prospect pool was already narrowed down considerably using targeting and lookalikes.

The next step in this process would be to quickly pull the email addresses of the targets using another AI Agent I have ready.

Once we have those, it is up to you to come up with a good value offer to engage your clients.

Using grant programs in market or offering to create a mock-up for free are options that work very well but that really depends on your business and resources you have available.

The results from a Hyper Targeted campaign will normally be much better than traditional Email spam.

If you would like to spin up a sample table targeting your Ideal Clients. Please be sure to reach out to us here or on our LinkedIn.


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