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Linked In Workshop

Updated: Jun 13

I wanted to post this Workshop Early as the last few events booked up quickly.

For our next events we will post to our blog first and then post to social media so please go ahead and hit that subscribe to be the first to know.

I will be looking to do another Learn@lunch between now and then so see the details at the end of this post if you are interested in a free session hosted my myself.

This Linked IN workshop will be a deeper dive than our Learn@lunch webinars so its perfect for anyone who is just starting out building their online presence on linked in.

This event is sponsored by the great folks over at @yesmontreal and you can find out more on how to attend at the links we provide.

In this Workshop :

We are going to cover the basics of Profile Optimization. Making sure your profile reflects your current goals and also run through a few best practices when it comes to your setting up your profile.

We will explore some networking strategies and take a look at the limits for basic accounts and paid accounts when it comes to connections and messaging.

Also take a quick look at some tools to help with these tasks and a deeper look into Sales Navigator and understand it’s search and list building features along with the limitations.

Finally we will look at some of the lead generation techniques you can use on Linked In through their paid advertising or through some good old fashioned elbow grease and content creation. It can help grow your reach and expand your audience organically and how to leverage Linked In’s Advertising features to boost that reach.

If you are interested in attending the Workshop see the links below to register and save your spot.

For the Learn@lunch that we will be hosting on this topic. Just enter your email and hit the subscribe to be the first notified when we post the announcement.

Or stay tuned here on LinkedIn but we will post to our blog first so we hope you join our growing community.

If you are interested in attending click on the links here.

If you want to learn more about the workshop and see what other events are on the Yes Calendar find the link here


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