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Organic Content Creation

Updated: Mar 30

For the past 2 years, I have been creating content for software and tech companies, and it is something that I genuinely enjoy.

Being a huge geek, I am always reading up on tech and posting about it, so it made sense to leverage that to grow my business and help my clients do the same. For my own posts, I focus on what I have learned from over a decade in software sales, along with what I learn as I try to grow my business.

I think the key to posting content that resonates is to start by focusing on what you would find valuable as a reader or as a buyer if you are building content for your company. This isn't always easy, but the rewards justify the effort.

One thing I can say with confidence now, after testing Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Reddit, YouTube, and Bing ads, is that organic content easily offers the best bang for your buck. It is probably the most cost-effective way for companies to promote their business, and I am going to do a post very soon with the results of the campaigns I ran over the past few weeks and the results of organic posts vs. paid. Stay tuned to our blog for that one.

Now, as much as the content matters, design REALLY matters.

I recently brought a new designer on-board and I wish I would have done it a lot sooner.

The ROI makes it a no brainer for anyone trying to expand their audience or reach.

I measure everything so I can share results with my clients so, this was really eye-opening and helped me appreciate the value of the services I provide. If you want to see the difference design makes in a post’s results and the difference between Organic and Paid, just reach out, and I would be happy to share those figures directly or just wait for our upcoming post.

For now, I thought I would show off this new video we just finished updating, and as much as I love the design, I was happier with the process and speed with which we were able to turn this around.

Finding a good design company isn't that hard, to be honest, but finding one that can meet and exceed your expectations on delivery is rare, and it is one of the core tenets of our services. Providing quality content consistently.

Doing this for a few months allows you to organically grow your reach.

For those of you looking to take your content to the next level, please reach out, and we would be happy to help.

If you like this video and are interested in something similar, we have a promotion going right now where we will create a similar ad, including the script.

Reach out to learn more.


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