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Smartlead Ai and a Hyper Targeted Email Campaign vs Paid Ads

Updated: 1 day ago

Lately I have been leaning heavily on Social Outreach alongside very hyper targeted email campaigns.

One of the reasons I really appreciate using these kinds of campaigns is because of the insights it gives me into my content and how I can improve it to better resonate with my audience.

Not to mention that it gives me much better control over where my messaging lands as opposed to running some Google Ads or Bing ads.

I have been seeing a trend with google adwords for a few years now but I was pretty disappointed in some keyword ads I ran on Bing as a test a few months back.

The account setup and verification wasn't exactly user friendly, took a few weeks and when I finally did run the campaign I noticed all my traffic coming from two sites that I had never heard of.

This traffic had the highest bounce rate and no engagement on the site.

I am not sure what to make of this site but even the Bing Ads Rep was scratching his head on this one.

But if you have the spend for these type of ads then I am sure you could get it on some better placements and drive some real traffic.

But in terms of ROAS for SMB's I do think Email campaigns have a lot of value.

For comparisons sake I threw in a google ads text and youtube video ads for the same cost.

What it doesn't show is the quality of leads I received which for both Bing and Google was very low.

Smartlead gives me a lot of insights and helps me dig beyond conversions on offers and helps identify high intent leads.

It is not just about conversions, although if you dial in your metrics you will get conversions.

I read a post recently on LinkedIn about how open rates are kinda useless now but I would really have to disagree.

On my most recent campaign, I was testing some new subject lines, and I watched the open rates plummet then slowly increase day by day as I played with the spinntax.

Once I had that dialled in, I started to fine tune the content to try to improve the click rates. I workshopped the messaging for a few days with clients and colleagues.

Once that was working I started to get conversions and they are running right in line with a post I read on Clay’s Blog last week.

For context, we consider a successful offer to be one that receives at least one response per 320 emails sent. Now, we do have more curated campaigns running that will receive a reply for every 65 or so emails sent, but a one in 320 average is a very solid response rate for a template email. If these numbers don’t seem impressive to you, consider that a high-performing email according to a successful competitor agency considers one response out of 375 to be a success.

But as an SMB, I feel like I need to be even more proactive so instead of waiting on conversions I dug past the open rates and clicks.

If I get a cold email, I either delete it right away if its of no interest after hitting the unsubscribe link or I usually go back to it.

If I go back to the email a few times then of course I am thinking about the offer or intrigued by what the email is saying to me.

So for me being able to see that data is huge.

What is even bigger for me being in Canada is that I can see exactly who clicked and check out what they do and send them over a targeted list based on what we can glean off their site and LinkedIn profiles.

So now I am looking at 50 warm leads I can dig into and that was generated in the last week.

We are currently running a really good offer on Email campaigns and you can find more details on our ICP Profiler Page


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