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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

For many of us in the tech industry, GitHub has become an integral part of our daily workflow. 🛠

For years, I've been using GitHub, primarily as a repository to grab code. Building my own app has made me realize invaluable it is. 💱

From experimenting with new features to debugging applications, GitHub's robust version control capabilities provide a safety net for developers.

By allowing us to create separate branches for developing new features, we can keep our original code intact while trying out new ideas. Once a feature is complete and functioning correctly, we can merge it back into our main code.

To help you fully leverage the power of GitHub, I've put together a simple guide to GitHub, complete with a cheat sheet of the most commonly used commands. 📄

This guide is perfect for anyone starting with GitHub, or even for seasoned developers who need a quick reference sheet. 🌟

In order to build, test, and deploy applications, having a handle on virtual environments is crucial.

Therefore, I've also included some commands for setting up virtual environments using Windows PowerShell. 😎

This will help you stage your application for deployment to a cloud service or a containerized package.

Stay tuned for more on this topic, as I share my experiences with staging and deploying my own application using these techniques.

Attached are the slides for a quick reference. I hope you can make use of them and always, Happy coding! 🚀

Please email us for the full PDF

Github Instructions PDF
Github Cheat Sheet

GItHub Cheat Sheet2.1
Download PDF • 925KB


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